Upcoming special days on our calendar:

  1 Aug - Civic/Provincial Day, CAN

  4 Sept - Fathers Day, AUS

5 Sept - Labour Day, USA, CAN

16 Sept - POW/MIA Recognition Day, USA

  2 Oct - Rosh Hashanah - Jewish

  3 Oct - Labour Day - AUS

  7 Oct - Battle of King's Mountain Rememberance - USA

10 Oct - Thanksgiving Day, CAN

11 Oct - Yom Kippur, Jewish

24 Oct - Labour Day, NZ

31 Oct - Halloween, USA, UK, CAN

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This is the official website of the Barton Historical & Genealogical Society. It is the gateway to the largest collection of materials related to BARTON Family History on the Internet.

Membership in the Barton Historical & Genealogical Society is open to all with an interest in the Barton surname. Note: you do not have to be a dues paying member to utilize our information and we welcome you to share your research as you use what we have compiled.

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Kathy Barton Gerwig


26 Oct 2016: Excellent FREE webinar of the first of two days of the first ever US National Archives Genealogy Webfair is available on YouTube here.

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We have an open-to-the-public Facebook community group for all Barton Researchers where you can post questions and discuss research with others at:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/89460933957/

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